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During the COVID-19 crisis, get updates and information at ADA and your state’s website. Please follow the official guidance, stay safe and help limit the spread of the coronavirus.

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The Perfect Smile: A Demand for Cosmetic Dentists

Author: Rebecca Morginstin
Rebecca Morginstin

Rebecca Morginstin

Rebecca studies Economics at Binghamton University. She is enthusiastic about working as a marketing intern with Mydent International. Rebecca has been marketing Mydent’s products, including gloves, preventatives, and disposables. Rebecca’s hobbies include traveling, exercising, and shopping.
10.20.15 / 10:26 am

With the constant evolution of technology, more and more patients are thinking about their image. The several leading causes of this growing phenomenon include social media, TV, magazines, and the overarching desire to look younger.

When a picture is posted on Facebook or Instagram, for example, no one wants to feel bad about themselves. If someone scrolls through their pictures on Facebook and feels that they have some weight to lose; the individual will feel more pressured and motivated to lose the weight to show the world that they look better than before.

This is happening all around us and is being reinforced by the cultural and societal norms of the twenty-first century. Celebrities in magazines and on TV have the desired look of tall and slim, with beautiful features, including their teeth.

When a photographer takes a photo and asks the subject to smile, people don’t want to be embarrassed or ashamed of their teeth. Nowadays, the average person is more likely to invest in teeth whiteners, as well as cosmetic dentistry for the constant search of perfection. When someone trips and cracks a tooth, their first instinct is to go running to the dentist in order to fix the broken tooth. In addition, coffee addicts are buying teeth whiteners to remove the unwanted stains on their teeth.

Everyone wants to feel and look beautiful within the definition set by the world around them. Brushing and flossing is not satisfying anymore because individuals do not believe that it does a sufficient job cleaning their teeth. Patients want bright, white, and flawless teeth, and are willing to pay extra to get them.

Each year, the cosmetic dental industry has an increase in patients and revenue, making it a great option for individuals who have an interest in joining the dental field.

According to, there is a projected job growth of 16%, with the median salary being $163,450. These statistics show the increasing desire of patients to pay for cosmetic dentistry, as well as a dentist’s desire to pursue a license in cosmetic dentistry.

The schooling that is necessary to become a cosmetic dentist may be long and difficult, but the success afterwards makes it worth the while. Cosmetic dentists help patients feel more confident about themselves, which is something each dentist should pride themselves on. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry provides many useful resources for dental professionals. To learn more, visit

Rebecca Morginstin

Rebecca studies Economics at Binghamton University. She is enthusiastic about working as a marketing intern with Mydent International. Rebecca has been marketing Mydent’s products, including gloves, preventatives, and disposables. Rebecca’s hobbies include traveling, exercising, and shopping.

Rebecca Morginstin

Rebecca Morginstin

Rebecca studies Economics at Binghamton University. She is enthusiastic about working as a marketing intern with Mydent International. Rebecca has been marketing Mydent’s products, including gloves, preventatives, and disposables. Rebecca’s hobbies include traveling, exercising, and shopping.

66 responses to “The Perfect Smile: A Demand for Cosmetic Dentists”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. The cosmetic dentist industry is blowing up, marketing for cosmetic dentistry is by far the most competitive compared to any other dentistry field. It’s a sign that cosmetic dentistry is something every practice needs to try to get a piece of.

    • A couple of my teeth have been aching for the past couple of days but I’m worried because I work too much during the week to go see a dentist. I will be sure to look for practices in my area that can see me at a convenient time so that I don’t have to miss work.

  2. I often find myself resisting a smile due to the color of my teeth. While I know they are clean, I feel like my teeth are imperfect. I think that cosmetic dentistry could be a good way for me to change them. Thanks for sharing, this article has been very informational.

  3. The demand for cosmetic dentists have grown over the past years and with the advent of more advanced technology in the field of dentistry, the demand will grow even higher, leading to an increase in the number of people that look to improve their appearance through cosmetic dentistry.

  4. Having straight, white teeth is very important to me. It gives me confidence. I think it’s great that there is a greater demand for cosmetic dentistry. My dentist has helped me get the smile that I want. I feel like everyone should have that opportunity.

  5. I agree with you 100%. The desire for cosmetic dentistry is continually growing because of social media. I would spend large amounts on cosmetic dentistry because looks play an important part in society today.

  6. This post is so true. I don’t remember teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry ever being as popular as it is today. By the way, I’m one of those coffee addicts that you were talking about that has to make sure I invest in teeth whiteners. It’s very easy to be self conscious about your smile these days when you look at the TV and all you see is perfection, how can one possibly measure up?

  7. I have noticed that public figures – celebrities, athletes and even newscasters – have a “perfectly” straight, bright white smile. Some of these people have teeth that are so white that it looks as if they’re glowing. I personally don’t find that extreme look attractive at all. Sure, straight, white teeth look nice, but I wonder how much damage is being done to one’s enamel, etc to achieve this brightness..?? I have to admit that I had braces from the time I was 16 until I was 19, almost 20 years old. And I LOVED my new straighter, perfect teeth. However, while in my mid-20’s I lost the retainers that I wore a few nights a week. My teeth stayed in position for quite some time. While in my late (very late) 30’s I began to really notice that my once “perfect” teeth were beginning to shift and I kinda panicked. I went to an orthodontist who was more than happy to set me up with a new set of braces, but at the cost of almost $4,000, I decided that it wasn’t all that bad after all 🙂 As a smoker and coffee lover, in my mid-40’s, I am using whitening strips at least twice a year despite having very sensitive teeth. And to be honest, if I could afford it, I’d get the braces. I know it seems vain, and I guess vanity is what’s driving these thoughts, even though I’m just a housewife. The only people who see my teeth are my husband (who swears that my teeth are just about perfect) all of my old friends from “back in the day” via social media

  8. It’s interesting to see how big the demand for cosmetic dentistry has gotten. I guess as more people have access to better ways of caring for their dental hygiene, there’s now a demand for less “necessary” procedures instead.

  9. Yes, Rebecca I agree with you. Everyone is fond of beautiful smile and want to achieve the same. And why not, everybody wants to be happy and perfect look which can not be completed without beautiful smile.

  10. Glad to see the cosmetic side of things to be picking up again. For a few years there, we weren’t seeing near the amount of cosmetic cases as people were pinching pennies.

  11. To me, it makes sense that there is a demand for cosmetic dentists. Like you say, everyone wants to feel and look beautiful. I don’t care who you are, you feel more confident when you have a good smile. I know that I do. Cosmetic dentists can help with that.

  12. Cosmetic dentistry is an important part of my practice. I love seeing people walk out with big smiles they are proud to show off! I will always put a big emphasis on cosmetic dentistry (but never pushy) and I hope to see it grow as this article suggests.

  13. I can believe that there is a growing demand for cosmetic dentists. I myself wish I had whiter teeth. I think that now days, cosmetic dentistry has become so much easier to do because of new technology coming out. My dentist was making a crown for my mom that she would leave with that day. It takes a little while, but I was watching him use this machine and it was pretty cool.

  14. Great read, very informative. I will be sure to share this with my colleages in the Vancouver dentist community. I’d love for you to check out my website.

  15. I didn’t went to a dentist for almost a year now, took always good care of my teeth and didn’t think it was neccesary.
    I’m from the Netherlands and decided almost 5 weeks ago now, to get a teeth whitening. I went to dental care in Amsterdam. The results where amazing, and since i go their i lost a little bit of my anxiety .

  16. We agree you! But people more likely asking only for teet whitenin treatment. They want the cheapest solution always.

  17. The field of cosmetic dentistry has come a very long way and there’s really nothing wrong with want to be the best you, that you can be. While I wouldn’t say it’s important to look like a celebrity, a dazzling smile never hurts when you’re making a first impression.

  18. A need for cosmetic dentistry was originally quite niche but it’s completed sky rocketed over the last 5 years or so thanks to superior technology which we unfortunately never had access to, higher quality education and more rigorous study and qualifications.

    What’s more is that the more saturated and in demand the industry becomes the more competitive practicioners will become, resulting in large benefits for patients in terms of their cosmetic dentistry results.

  19. Lava Crowns and Bridges are most cheapest and Best Crowns in Market and it give your warrenty on Dental Crowns, you can make really worth of it.

  20. I am a little surprised that cosmetic dentistry has had a 16% growth rate. However, it does make sense. Our society puts a lot of pressure on looking good. I honestly think that there is a little too much pressure to look good, but I’m still glad that cosmetic dentistry is around. People do deserve to feel confident and choose how they want to look.

  21. The easier it gets to obtain perfect teeth, the more people that will want to have them. Good article.

  22. I find nothing wrong in cosmetic dentistry, in fact many people wants to obtain the perfect set of teeth. Smile is one of the asset of a person and the teeth plays a big part in it. A very nice article.

  23. Cosmetic dentistry is alive and well for my practice in South Florida. we have many patients from all different cultures that want to have a perfect smile. Considering your smile is one of the first things people will notice about you, it puts a lot of importance on the quality of your smile. This is why cosmetic dentistry has continued to grow in popularity over the years, people strive for perfection to impress others.

  24. While it’s true that social media, the television, and magazines have driven a large number of people to opt for cosmetic dental procedures, poor oral health can affect a person’s overall confidence, even if they might be ready to get photographed without any qualms. Having healthy teeth and gums play a vital role in overall well-being. If the teeth are yellow or disfigured, or if the gums are inflamed, it can affect social interactions and reduce self-confidence. A complete smile makeover can improve your oral health and eliminate underlying complications. The treatments include composite bonding, dental implants, inlays and onlays, porcelain crowns, etc.

  25. This article is absolutely on point! I love it! It’s so informative and right on point and relevant as well.! With the trend of having the perfect smile, cosmetic dentist aare super in demand. Many people would think that having a beautiful smile is not important but contrary to what they believe, they people should actually spend more time and attention on this. Thank you for putting this up on here, it’s really great that you’re making this a thing for people to realize what they usually choose to ignore before. Thank you and more power! I hope more people would find this blog and read this because they will definitely get a lot from this.

  26. Hello Rebecca,

    You mentioned truly in your post “People feel so conscious that they avoid smiling in photographs.” and i would like to say now the number of things has been change according to time but on other side people need to aware about this to diagnose their dental problems.

    Apart from this you should choose best dentist in your town to dignose your dental problem properly.

  27. Great article. I guess none can stay i8mmune to trends that happen all around them. Having a nice smile is almost a prerequisite nowdays to be well accepted into the various surroundings work and private related.

  28. This is so true, many people today are so self cautious about their smile and are not confident to show their teeth. A Cosmetic Dentist has their work out for them to perfect the imperfections of their patients and help them regain their confidence when they smile. For example simple teeth whitening can have huge effect for some patient and for others with more complicated issue porcelain dental veneers can give them that natural look and more confident.

    Veneers Dubai

  29. I can see why cosmetic dentistry is so important. Like you said, when we are taking photos and things, we don’t want to be self-conscious. In today’s world, with Snapchat and things like that, it’s even more relevant.

  30. I’m glad you talked about how a good cosmetic dentist should care about helping their patients feel more confident with their smile. My brother is looking into getting work done with his teeth to make sure he has a better smile and straight teeth. It makes sense that in order to get the best services it is necessary to take the time to consult with someone you trust and who can work with your insurance company.

  31. That’s a down to earth point that people like to feel confident about their smile. I guess that’s why cosmetic dentistry is growing. My teeth are stained and I’ve been thinking about getting a professional whitening.

  32. I’ve heard that teeth whitening really boosts the confidence of a person as well as improves the smile. Although my teeth aren’t horribly stained, I still feel like they can be whiter and have been looking in to options to do so. I heard teeth whitening is a good way to go: it’s a much simpler procedure and doesn’t cost as much as other cosmetic procedures. I’m super excited to get my teeth whitened and be more confident in my smile!

  33. So true, with the growth of social media and pop culture, the influence of having the perfect pearly whites is stronger than ever. People see their favorite Instagram models or celebrities having the perfect smile, they can’t help but want to have it themselves. Today, most people do it for cosmetic purposes rather than diseases etc. This has made the whole cosmetic dental world boom as it already is.

  34. Very true Dr. Winston. It’s great to see people wanting to take care of their teeth and keep those pearly whites. We are seeing the same as you also, people tend to do it more for cosmetic reasons that fear of disease etc. We run an “emergency dentistry” practice so you would think we don’t see the cosmetic clients as much, that is not the case however. I tell you what if I had it to do all over again and I was young, I would think on opening up a strictly cosmetic dentistry practice and specializing. That’s where the industry is going! Great post!

  35. I never knew that cosmetic dentistry was becoming so popular and in high demand! I guess it makes sense considering the advent of social media and the need to keep an appealing image. A smile could open up a lot of doors to a lot of different industries so I see the appeal for cosmetic dentistry.

  36. I like that you mentioned how brushing and flossing aren’t enough anymore for the average person to have the smile they want. I personally would love to have a whiter smile, but don’t know what else I can do on my own. Maybe professional help is the next step for me.

  37. Last week, my brother had their annual class picture at school. He can’t smile that much because he’s shy and his teeth is a bit crooked. My mom suggested going to a cosmetic dentist and she also shared this article with him. My mom liked it how this article mentioned that nowadays people invest in teeth whiteners and run to the dentist when they chipped or cracked a tooth.

  38. I was just asking my cosmetic dentist in Houston about this at my last visit and he was saying they are receiving more and more calls about their services. I think it is a great thing that we now have the ability to perfect our smiles and really show them off!

  39. Cosmetic surgery has evolved from being used by celebrities earlier and now any one or every one who feels inferior about the shape or texture of their theeth are making a beeline to their nearest cosmetic dentist and for dentists it is a very lucrative business.

  40. My friends keep telling me that they’ve got appointments with a cosmetic dentist. I wondered what a cosmetic dentist does that’s different from what a regular dentist does. It’s interesting that there’s a separate branch of dentistry that’s more concerned with smile enhancement.

  41. My sister wants to be a model and she wants to have a great looking smile. It was explained here that cosmetic dentistry is good when looking for constant perfection. Furthermore, it’s recommended to go to a trusted cosmetic dentist for quality oral care.

  42. My brother wants to have straight teeth before going to college and part-time as a model. It was explained here that having great looking teeth will help him not feel embarrassed when his picture needs to be taken. Furthermore, it’s recommended to consult a trusted cosmetic dentist for quality services.

  43. I didn’t realize that cosmetic dentists are seeing an increase in patients and revenue. My kids are very connected to social media, and I can see them becoming more aware of their appearance, especially with their smiles. If this desire of having good looking teeth can help my kids maintain a healthy lifestyle, then I’ll definitely get them to a dentist!

  44. I like how you point out that cosmetic dentists help patients feel more confident in themselves. In my opinion, another benefit of good cosmetic dentistry is kids can see that dental work is good and can help them. I’ll have to look more into cosmetic dentists.

  45. I liked that you explained that one reason that people are wanting to get cosmetic dentistry done is to help them feel more confident about their smile. I would agree that it is not a good feeling to be embarrassed to take a photo when you are self conscious about your smile. I would consider having cosmetic dentistry done so that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to show off my smile.

  46. I thought it was interesting when you said that cosmetic dentistry has seen an increase in patients and revenue. My wife has an interview with a prestigious accounting firm, and she wants to make the best impression possible. It might be a good idea for her to go to a dentist so that her teeth can be clean and her confidence can be raised.

  47. Due to this, the demand for cosmetic enhancements is rapidly rising. Cosmetic surgeries are prevalent, and these are done to alter the natural appearance of a person.

  48. Thank you for the great post. So true today and even more and more as time goes by. Cosmetic dentistry is definitely huge and getting bigger.

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