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LumaDent: Illuminating Dentistry

Author: Dental Geek
07.14.14 / 9:00 am

LumaDent Headlights are not your normal LED dental headlights. Containing an advanced, custom-made optical lens, and one of the smallest LED headlamps on the market, LumaDent provides you with the complete solution to illuminate the oral cavity.


LumaDent was formed by the need to equip Dr. Duong Ton’s dental staff with better quality lighting at a lower cost. In 2009, the dental office was in the middle of upgrading after noticing the need to replace the aging overhead lights with ceiling-mount TVs. With this project in the works, all 10 staff members then resorted to using headlights to continue their work. At that time, many of the headlights on the market were big and quite expensive at about $1000 each.

Stemming from a Dentaltown thread on DIY Head Mounted Lights, CEO and founder Dr. Duong Ton used his engineering background to successfully modify a camping headlight with an orange filter and rechargeable battery in his own DIY project. Proving his concept, that led to the first generation of headlights being developed!

The first generation of LumaDent Headlights was a big hit with members of Dentaltown because the headlights were small and lightweight, yet cost much less than similar lights on the market. Today, LumaDent offers a full range of headlight packages as well as accessories and loupes.


The Dental Geek had the opportunity to chat with CEO and Founder, Dr. Duong Ton about the development of the LumaDent Headlight.

The Dental Geek: What’s unique about LumaDent vs. other lighting options?

Dr. Duong Ton: Our LumaDent Headlight is known for its many great features. The beam is a strong, defined, no-halo light that provides a shadow-less illumination, yet zero discomfort for the patient. The battery is the longest lasting on the market, yet only takes 2.5 hours to charge and can be operated with the touch of a palm or elbow, making it a hands-free operation. The robust build of the system in combination with the low cost makes the LumaDent Headlight the preferred choice for many dental and medical professionals.

The Dental Geek: How can the LumaDent Headlight help transform a practice?

Dr. Duong Ton: The LumaDent Headlight can transform a practice in many ways. With the shadow-less illumination, the dentist will be able to see much better, especially when there is a need to see deep down to a canal or a socket. In addition, by having the light attached to the loupes, or safety goggles, the light will always be in the perfect spot for your eyes, saving lots of time when moving from quadrant to quadrant, or surface to surface. In turn, this will increase efficiency for the entire team. Lastly, the LumaDent Headlight frees up the space above the patient so that you are able to bring in an LCD TV to help with treatment planning, or entertainment to reduce patients’ anxiety.

The Dental Geek: There are many risks associated with launching a new product. What inspired you to take the risk and dedicate new efforts to the business and product side of the industry?

Dr. Duong Ton: The risk was high since we did not know much of anything else beside dentistry. However, being trained as a dentist is a big plus. We are already trained to provide solutions to many problems, so technically we have learned ways to be entrepreneurs. We know we can make things with our hands and small tools in the office.

It was really the feedback from our own dental staff and local dentists from the prototype that allowed us to enhance our product and take additional steps to make it the product it is today.

The Dental Geek: Are there any more products in the LumaDent pipeline?

Dr. Duong Ton: We are in the process of making the LumaDent loupes now to complete the integration of loupes and light. The combination of both magnification and illumination will help us see better as well as work better. We are excited to work with other entrepreneurs, providing our expertise of design and our manufacturing capability to help bring ideas and products to others.


The Dental Geek: How can we learn more about LumaDent and the company’s product line?

Dr. Duong Ton: We will be attending many tradeshows, events and dental schools around the country this year, where our staff will be giving hands-on demonstrations of the LumaDent products. You can check out our tradeshow schedule on our website We would love to see you there! We are always available online at, or just a phone call away at (775) 829-4488.

Thank you for having me on The Dental Geek!

Dental Geek

Dental Geek

3 responses to “LumaDent: Illuminating Dentistry”

  1. This looks like a great improvement to current headlights. While these are invaluable tools, they can sometimes feel a bit bulky and heavy. Hopefully the use of LED lighting can reduce the weight of future generations of headlight, while also providing the illumination required to work effectively in the oral cavity. They certainly are useful for pinpointing problem areas that might otherwise be hard to see due to shadows from overhead lights. Keep up the good work!

  2. worth checking UKloupes out as they seem cheaper than most other places and they are really quick at sending them out. Great light unit and can’t be beaten on price!

  3. I got mine from the Student Loupes Company in the UK as they offered a good deal when I bought my loupes with the LumaDent light (about £200 off the cost of the light I think). I love the light! So lightweight, easy to use, and the battery lasts for days

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